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Call of the Blue Heron by Sarah Hill

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Call of the Blue Heron is a romance novel as sweet as the author herself! Sarah Hill is an Indie Author warrior. She is constantly supporting and promoting her fellow Indie Author’s works on Instagram. If you are not following her, you should be. (link is at the bottom of this interview.) I say it in my review, but this book really makes me want to move to a small town in Idaho, slow down, fall in love with nature, eat fried chicken and surround myself with beautiful, welcoming friends and family!

Before we talk to Sarah, let’s read the synopsis for Call of the Blue Heron:

After receiving a life altering phone call, Allie Gerard leaves her life in California and heads to the small country of Hagerman, Idaho. The only explanation she leaves for her family and friends is that she’s finally getting the change to try her hand at photography and refusing to let them know where. As Allie explores the beauty of Idaho through her camera lens she gets to know some of the locals, including Cash and Kat Brown, a father and daughter duo with whom she begins to spend her free time. Allie finds herself seated at the Brown’s dinner table a little more often than she’d expected and begins to fall in love with more than her simple way of life. As time passes, she finds herself struggling with the burning inside her heart and the echoes of her past, knowing she must make some hard decisions that could end up hurting more than her pride.

J.C. - Hi Sarah! The acknowledgments at the end of this book are so endearing. You really are as sweet as apple pie! Please take a moment to introduce yourself to our readers.

S.H. - Hello, I am Sarah Hill, author of Call of the Blue Heron and Hanging Stars on Big Willow Creek. I live in small town, Idaho USA with my gorgeous husband, our 3 dogs and 1 cat. Life is never perfect, but I am truly blessed to have the one I live.

J.C. - In the acknowledgements, you spoke about your desire to write a book but felt you had to keep it a secret? How do you feel now that the book has been published and has been highly praised?

S.H. - I am so proud of myself for pushing through my fears and showing those who tried to derail me that they have no power over my dreams. I have the power to make my dreams come true. Though releasing a book will probably always be scary, I will never keep them a secret again.

J.C. - Where did you come up with the idea to write Call of the Blue Heron?

S.H. - I am unable to have kids. At first I tried creating a story about a woman who lived with this same heartbreak. As I thought it through a thought came to me that maybe she did, but that child was taken from her. The storyline really started flowing after that.

J.C. - My favorite part of the book are the people and welcoming community that Allie meets in Idaho. They are so loving, supportive and welcoming. And I love the fried-chicken Saturday lunches! Is that what your home-town is like?

S.H. - I grew up in a small community very much like this. We didn't have weekly lunches, but one thing I loved so much growing up were the gatherings we would have in the backyard. They included fried chicken (my mom makes the best) and... rocky mountain oyters cooked on the BBQ.

J.C. - I'm not sure I could try the rocky mountain oysters.

J.C. - The character, Cash, was loosely based on your husband. Do any of the characters share traits with you?

S.H. - I think the way Allie loves is the same way I love. I used to do photography and I am a bit clumsy 😁😁 But I can handle cooking!

J.C - Allie has a pretty big secret in this book. How are you at keeping secrets?

S.H. - Not being arrogant, but I am one of the best secret keepers you'll ever meet! James & Lilly Potter would still be alive had I been a part of the Harry Potter series 🤣

J.C. - I will remember that! If I ever need to get something off my chest that cannot be shared, I'm calling you.

J.C. - Who has been your biggest support system while on this writing adventure?

S.H. - Gosh, definitely my husband! I am astounded by how much he believes in me. My sis in-law is a close 2nd. She has loved me even when others didn't and praises me in the sweetest ways.

J.C. - Finish the sentence. In ten years I’d like to…

S.H. - Be widely known as an author who can dependably write a really good book.

J.C. - If anyone deserves that dream, it is you!

J.C. - Call of the Blue Heron is your debut novel. In December of 2020 you released Hanging Stars on Big Willow Creek, another amazing read. What can you tell us about that book?

S.H. - Hanging Stars on Big Willow Creek cut my heart out. Lol. I shed so many tears and even almost scrapped it because my heart hurt so much. I am so proud of myself for finishing. It was harder than COTBH because of the hurt it caused me.

J.C. - Hanging Stars is a novel that will stick with me. We need to chat about it next. I have so many questions.

J.C. - Lastly, where can readers find you and your work?

S.H. - Both books are available on Amazon and are on Kindle Unlimited or ebook for .99!

I am on Instagram as authorsarahhill.

Reviews are a golden lifeline for authors. Please give the gift of a review 💛

Thank you for reading about Sarah Hill.

Sarah is right, reviews are crucial for Independent Authors! You can support Indie Authors by reading their books, recommending those books to others, promoting their work on social media and leaving reviews. Remember, reviews don't need to be an exhausting task. Clicking the star rating and writing something as simple as "An enjoyable read," is good enough! Thank you for reading about Sarah Hill and Call of Blue Heron. I will be sure to have Sarah back to talk about Hanging Stars on Big Willow Creek.

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