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Fire and Ice by Nannette Kreitzman

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Today I am talking to Nanette Kreitzman, author of several published works. Kreitzman packs a lot of punch into her short stories. Fire and Ice will have you on the edge of your seat! It’s a must read.

Before we chat with Nanette, let’s read the synopsis for Fire and Ice:

Theona is attracted to dominant men. She likes when a man knows what he wants and takes it. Will wants Theona and will do what is necessary to have her. But is it love, or manipulation?

J.C. - Welcome, Nannette. Can you take a moment and introduce yourself to our readers?

N.K. - Hello and thank you for the honor of this interview! I’m Nannette Kreitzman, short story writer. Yes me! I’m a short story writer! I’ve always loved playing with words but never felt I had the creativity to be an author - until one day (at the tender age of 54) a character showed up in my head and shared his story with me. Then another, and another. I’m seventeen stories in now and hope to have many more!

J.C. - How did you come up with the idea for Fire and Ice?

N.K. - I’m a walker, covering an average of twenty-five miles a week. (It’s solely an attempt to offset my ice cream addiction.) I set out on my own, just my pup and I, but before long I have company. For Fire and Ice, that was Theona and Will. Over the course of a couple of weeks, they shared their tale with me.

J.C. - Like the synopsis says, Theona is attracted to dominant men. She feels an instant connection to Will the second she meets him. He’s confident, sexy and seems head over heels for her. But then things take a dark turn and Theona finds herself in an abusive relationship. Do you have any advice for women who may find themselves in a similar situation?

N.K. - Abuse comes in many forms and has been perpetrated on people of all genders and ages since the beginning of time. However, it has finally stopped being the dirty little secret that gets swept under the rug. There are many reputable resources, for whichever kind of abuse someone may be experiencing, that can advise and assist. My personal advice for someone who is (or knows someone who is) abused, is to seek out one or more of these resources.

J.C. - What do you like most about writing short stories?

N.K. - Playing with words. This is something I’ve loved doing my whole life, long before I had stories to tell. I liken them to building blocks, where I spend many pleasurable hours building and arranging, then rearranging. It’s a marvelous pastime.

J.C. - I read several of your reviews on Instagram, Goodreads and Amazon. One comment I see all the time is, “I need more. I want Kreitzman to write a full-length novel!” Have you considered it?

N.K. - Yes, I get that a lot! And I’m immeasurably flattered that people want more! Unfortunately, I am a slave to my characters, and as of yet, I have not met any long winded ones.

J.C. - I have also read Spitfire’s Gift, which was amazing! Do you stick to writing a specific genre or do you like to mix it up?

N.K. - Thank you so much! I write whatever my characters share, and I have had a very eclectic bunch over the past couple of years! They have introduced me to everything from historical fiction to fantasy.

J.C. - Who has been your biggest support system while on your writing adventures?

N.K. - The writing community on Instagram has been a wonderful source of support and inspiration! I don’t have any writers “in the real world” to share the creative journey with, so being able to meet authors through social media has been a boon! I also have my sister who acts as my ad hoc beta reader and editor. She’s also pretty good at stoking my ego!

J.C. - Finish the sentence. In ten years I’d like to…

N.K. - In ten years I’d like to be touring the country in a motor home. My husband retires next July and this is one of things we are most looking forward to. As for writing? Once again, that is all dependent on my characters. I’m hoping they’ll come along.

J.C. - You have several published works. Do you have a favorite? And what story seems to be a fan favorite?

N.K. - They are all so different and there are things I love about each of them. One that was very personal to me is “When a Good Man Dies”. My husband is a police officer. Writing that story purged a lot of angst. Another one that hits close to home is “Distant Blue Memories”, which is about a child abuse survivor who takes steps to protect a child she learns is being mistreated. As for fan favorites, “Quin”, “Discovering Me”, and “A Misty Shade of Red” are popular for their twists, which were quite fun to write!

J.C. - Lastly, where can readers find you and your work?

N.K. - You’ll find me on Instagram, @netts_shorts . All my stories can be found on Amazon for a modest price, or for free through Kindle Unlimited. They are available in ebook and paperback individually, as well as, in collection books of five stories each.

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