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Phoebe Douse: Secret Society for Special Abilities and Artifacts (S3A2) by L. Samuels

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Phoebe Douse, Secret Society for Special Abilities and Artefacts (S3A2) is a young adult fantasy novel by L. Samuels. This book is beautiful inside and out! Samuels writing is fluid and fun. Character development is so strong, I felt like I was right beside them throughout the adventure. The plot is full of magic and mystery. Not only is Samuels a talented writer, but she also did all of the illustrations and cover art for the book. This is a true five star read that leaves you wanting more!

Before we talk to L. Samuels, let’s read the synopsis for S3A2:

Grandmother Naan’s superstitious stories seem too peculiar and childish to Phoebe Douse. It’s foolishness, as she likes to say. But when surprising and unfortunate circumstances in Texas lead her to accept a timely invitation to attend a remote boarding school, thousands of miles away in Scotland, Phoebe finds that everything is not what she made herself believe.

Unwittingly, Phoebe is thrown into the stage of power and danger as events unfold that reveal the extent of her abilities and Naan’s connection to the school. There, Phoebe is introduced to the clandestine world of S3A2 and is forced to decide between her new friends and the promise of power and S3A2 status from the welcoming but strangely mysterious Headmaster Duff.

J.C. - Welcome! I absolutely loved S3A2! It was Harry Potter meets Scooby Doo, san’s talking dog! The magic and mystery had me holding my breath in anticipation of what happens next. Before we jump into talking about the book in more detail, can you take a moment to introduce yourself to our readers.

L.S. - Aww, thank you so much! That’s wonderful to hear that you enjoyed Phoebe Douse!

Sure, would love to share about myself. I’m an indie author, currently writing YA fantasy with mystery and adventure mixed in. L. Samuels is my pen name, and I’ve always loved reading and used to write short stories and poems when I was a younger. But I never imagined I’d write a book, let alone two. So I’m pretty happy with myself to accomplish this while enjoying and learning from the process. When I’m not writing and reading, I like spending time with my family, traveling, and enjoying anything arts related (music, dance, drawing...). I also operate a global education company, which focuses on youth.

J.C. - The books starts with Phoebe who lives in the small town of Crockett, Texas. There she’s teased by her peers. I, myself, have been there – done that! Did you have any experiences as a child that contributed to this part of the story line?

L.S. - Yeah, being teased is no fun :(. I’ve had my share of being teased, bullied and misunderstood. When you’re a kid it’s horrible and seems never-ending. As an adult, I believe that getting through those experiences have enabled me to know how to navigate difficult situations and helped to build my resolve.

J.C. - Where did you come up with the idea to write S3A2?

L.S. - I think it’s a mixture of my life experiences, hearing stories my parents have told me, and my imagination.

J.C. - Phoebe is personally recommended to attend The Murray School in Scotland. What made you want Scotland to be the location of this school?

L.S. - I used to live in Scotland and have visited there subsequently. I adore it there! Scotland stuck with me and has never left my memories and heart.

J.C. - A few weeks into her studies, Phoebe starts to notice that a select few of the students (herself included) are special. If you had a magical ability, what would it be and why?

L.S. - I would like to have clairvoyance. It would be nice to have a heads-up on things to come—unfortunate events that I could avoid or help others out of. And also know at least little bit more about the good experiences that await (without ruining the surprise of the unexpected).

J.C. - My favorite Renaud. Do you have a favorite character?

L.S. - Ooh, I really like Renaud too. I think for me, it would be a tie between Renaud and Phoebe.

J.C. - Who has been your biggest support system while on this writing adventure?

L.S. - To begin with, definitely my parents. My first and number 1 fans for sure. And then the readers. Readers who are my friends and those who had never heard of me before, but were curious to read my book. They’ve been wonderful, and I really appreciate all of the support.

J.C. - Finish the sentence. In ten years I’d like to…

L.S. - Continue writing stories that even more readers enjoy and successfully run my charity for youth, which is linked to my company. Very important as well is to be happy and healthy and the same for my loved ones and friends.

J.C. - S3A2 is your debut novel but I believe Phoebe Douse is a trilogy. What can you tell us about the sequels?

L.S. - The second book Phoebe Douse: The Return was released May 15th 2021. I’m so excited! I’ve actually received the hard copies and am very pleased with them. The Return has more edge-of-your-seat action and the mystery and fantasy elements are still there. In the second book, the story basically starts right where we left off in book 1 and readers will find greater development with characters’ relationships, more conflict, and some answers to their questions from book 1. It’s really intense!

The third book I hope to release early or mid 2022.

J.C. - Lastly, where can readers find you and your work?

L.S. - Readers can find my work at:

Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Also, they can read more about my work on Goodreads and follow me on IG: @l._samuels

Thank you 😊

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