Book 1 - "Realm: The Adventures of Lily Monroe was so good that I've already dived into book two of the series.  I'm hoping to find that the character relationships are developed further because I feel like there was a love triangle developing that needs exploration.  If you're a fan of fantasy then I suggest you give this a go."

Book 2 - "Thankfully book two did not disappoint.  If anything, it was even better than book one!  I think the author did a brilliant job and I now impatiently await book three."

Book 3 - "The author got my heart racing, I literally couldn't put it down."

Rachel Stanley - Author of The Grim Affair

Book 1 - "The Adventures of Lily Monroe is the first book in the Realm series.  I could not put this book down.  If you like Children of Blood and Bone and Harry Potter, you will like this series as well.  The author's style flows smoothly and I felt I was there on a quest with them.  Book two starts now!"

Book 2 - "Jessica Cantwell has done it again.  In the second installment of the Realm series, Lily along with her family and friends continue their journey to find safety.  There is adventure, love and loss.  Made me remember that we all have different strengths in order to help each other overcome life's obstacles.  Will be impatiently waiting for book three to be released."

Jen - Amazon and Goodreads Reviewer

"Cantwell never ceases to blow me away with her imagination. This series NEEDS to be a movie."

Janet Olson - author of New Beginnings