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Mind, Heart, and Soul Series

A Women's Literary Fiction Novel

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Book One

Book One

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Rebuilding Jennifer




Jennifer Lee Black doesn’t remember a time when her mother held her, hugged her, kissed her, or said, ‘I love you.’ But she does remember every punch, kick, burn, and insult. For years Jennifer has suffered at the hands of others. From harrowing visits to the family physician at age seven to entering foster care at fifteen, she has experienced it all. 


Physical and mental abuse has left Jennifer with an overabundance of scars – some visible, others not. It’s also left her with the desire to leave her mother’s household and build a life for herself that’s free from dysfunction. Even though Jennifer has sworn to be a better person, a series of unfortunate events and bad decisions start to turn her into the same monsters she’s battled for over a decade. 


A crescendo of abuse and torment builds until the unthinkable happens. At that moment, Jennifer must decide if she should continue living the way she has been or make a change and rebuild. Rebuilding Jennifer is a powerful story about self-perseverance and survival that will unearth your inner strength.  

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