The Realm Saga

The Adventures of Lily Monroe Fantasy Novel
Realm: Battle for the Throne Fantasy Novel

A Young Adult Fantasy Series

Book One

Realm: The Adventures of Lily Monroe Fantasy Novel
Realm: The Adventures of Lily Monroe

Lily Monroe didn’t intend on breaking the law. Her troublesome ways began the day a mysterious shape shifter pulled her through a portal into Realm, Earth’s alternate dimension. A land full of mythological creatures and humans with super-natural powers. At first, Lily yearned to go back home, a place comfortable yet intolerable all the same. But she changed her mind the moment she fell into the company of a copper-haired centaur named Blaze.


A dreamy girl, Lily longed for adventure that seemed to be just out of her reach. All of that changes the second Lily finds herself in Realm. She discovers this world is home to family she never knew existed, that her father is trapped and her brother, Dmitry, needs her assistance in order to free him. Hesitantly, Lily agrees to help and sets off on a journey full of booby-trapped tasks that are more daring than she had wished for.  


Befriended by her brother’s team, Lily realizes she must trust them and their assortment of powers, while learning how to control her own, in order to survive. Between establishing new friendships to battling legendary beasts, Lily starts to feel a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, her happily-ever-after is cut short the second they free her father.  

Book Two

Realm: Ruler of the People, God of Death Fantasy Novel
Realm: Ruler of the People, God of Death

Rescuing their father thrusts Lily, Dmitry and the team into the hands of King Theothantanos, ruler of Realm.  Unbeknownst to Lily, her father was held in captivity for killing the Queen. Now, all those responsible for aiding in his escape are wanted by the Sovereign for committing treason.  

To avoid capture they flee and have to rely on Kirill’s abilities to find refuge. He leads them to an untraceable mountain cavern. But can they trust the traitorous tracker?  Blaze senses an unknown threat within. Ignoring his warnings, the group enters without him. Sadly, they cannot leave without sacrificing someone in the process. 

The devastating loss causes tempers to flare and the group to unravel. They are already down two members when Jaasin vanishes in the middle of the night. Dmitry is determined to find his father once more while Lily struggles with her possible demise if captured, feelings of deception and the loss of love.

Realm: Battle for the Throne Fantasy Novel

Realm: Battle for the Throne

In the dark depths of the Melting Pot, an expanse of land where the King banishes the discriminated, a secret uprising is budding. Lead by a moth-man named Bera, members of this revolution manage to swarm the castle undetected while the King was pre-occupied with Jaasin’s escape and the search to find him.

The moth-man insists he is the next successor to the throne. He plans on punishing King Theothantanos for killing his parents by overthrowing his reign and taking over as Ruler. Quickly, Bera’s vengeful ways and evil rebellion begin to wreak havoc on the innocent citizens of the domain.

Realm is in peril and the success of the kingdom weighs on Lily as she tries to find the one true heir; the princess who vanished in nineteen fifty-four. It is a quest that leads her back through a portal to Earth. Lily’s new adventure unites the team just in time for good versus evil to battle it out for the throne.  

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